Scarves for Special Olympics

Special Olympics is an organization that is close to my heart, and when I found out that they request scarves to be knit and crocheted for the participants, I was in.  I recruited my mom and grandmother, and together we knit up 5 scarves for Special Olympics Wyoming.

Information on the Scarves for Special Olympics Project can be found at:


Hot Water Bottle Cover

I grew up in a household that firmly believed in holistic medicine to cure ailments.  So if I was congested or had a sore throat, I would just fill up a hot water bottle and rest.  I still find that it works great, but I no longer have my lamb cover for my hot water bottle.  In an effort to reduce my yarn stash, I figured this would be a quick knit.

I found a pattern on the Knit Picks website

For this pattern, I used a yarn that I (think) picked up at Walmart, although I know I have seen it at Michaels.  It’s called Simply Soft Eco by Carron.  The cool thing about this yarn is that it is made from recycled plastic bottles.

This picture is a little dark.  There were 2 seed stitch options.  I decided to use the twisted seed stitch, which gave it a pretty texture:

The pattern called for an i-cord string to close the cover, but I had some extra ribbon, so I just used that instead

This pattern didn’t take long to knit up…I would work on it while I watched Downton Abbey, Season 2!