Happy Feet

I need to take a moment to talk about feet. Particularly, what our feet go through everyday.

We walk. We run. We run into things (or at least I do). We slide our feet into flip flops, and squish them into pairs of cute heels (praying that the pain won’t last all night).

Our poor feet.

I hadn’t given my feet much thought until I received the latest VoxBox from Influester. I’ve gotten some pretty cool stuff from them – and I love trying the products out. This last one was the Dr. Scholl’s Active Series insoles. And let me tell you, they are pretty awesome.

I used them to work out, and geez, did my feet hurt! More specifically, my arches. But my feet felt great afterwards (and not because I took them off). So I’ll be keeping these insoles in my (bright pink) Pumas, and most likely going to get some other insoles for my cute-but-not-so-comfortable flats.


Hello world!

Welcome to “Always A Classy Lady,” a blog about crafting and ramblings about life.  I plan to blog about knitting, sewing, crafting in general, makeup and beauty projects, and random projects that I take on (like a lamp that I plan to completely change from its blah existence to complete classiness).

I could list my resume, but that would really be no fun.  So, like any project, lets just dive in and hope for the best result!