Eco-Friendly Market Bag

I saw this pattern at a local knitting shop, and decided to try it using up my stash.  When I first started knitting, I went yarn crazy and bought a ton of cheap yarns, including one made out of recycled plastic bottles.  I had knit a few projects out of it, but still had quite a bit leftover in white, turquoise and dark blue.  I ended up using all of it to make this bag.

The bag knit up incredibly quickly.  The lace pattern was a repeat of  rows, which was easy to do while I was watching TV.

The finished bag!  I think it will be great for the beach and the farmer’s market!  I’m planning on knitting more bags using leftover yarns.

You can get a similar pattern at Lion Brand’s Website.


Tina’s Leg Warmers

I have a friend in San Diego who recently started Barre Method workouts, which combine ballet and pilates.  She requested that I make her leg warmers for her to wear on her walk to and from barre class.  Her request was that they be salmon pink and have a line of gray on the top and bottom.  After scouring the yarn at Jo-Ann’s, I ended up with Martha Stewart’s Extra Soft Wool Blend yarn in Gerbera Daisy and Gray Pearl.  I did not have a pattern, but using guidance of a couple patterns I found on-line, I started the leg warmers.  They are knit in the round using a smaller needle in a basic K2P2 ribbing and a size larger needle in the main legging part in a basic knit.

I think if I make these again, I will use a thicker yarn and make them bigger so they are more of an oversized, comfy leg warmers, but I am happy with how they turned out!

Kindle Cover

After going back and forth about purchasing an e-reader, I finally settled on a Kindle Touch.  As a student, I have been purchasing my college textbooks from for the last 7 years, on an credit card, which had enough points to cover half of the Kindle.

I found this pattern on Pinterest: and loved how it looked.  I’ve never worked with cables, so I figured this would be a great starting project.  In my yarn stash, I had a lot of Cascade’s Quatro yarn in ‘Cameo’ (purchased because my younger sister’s name is Cameo).  I figured, why not?  Cast on!

The actual size of the sleeve when you are knitting it is MUCH smaller than the width of the kindle.   Thankfully, Haramis Knits provided enough pictures to make me feel better about my super skinny Kindle sleeve and it’s ability to hold my kindle.

I definitely got to try out my new Knit Picks Interchangeable Needles sampler set I had ordered with this project.  I love them!  I’m starting to really enjoy working with circular needles, even using them on projects that require straight needles.  Anyway, back to my project – I loved how the Kindle sleeve turned out:

The button I found at Jo-Ann fabrics.  I wanted to make sure I found a button with a back that wouldn’t scratch the Kindle if it was in my purse.

Scarves for Special Olympics

Special Olympics is an organization that is close to my heart, and when I found out that they request scarves to be knit and crocheted for the participants, I was in.  I recruited my mom and grandmother, and together we knit up 5 scarves for Special Olympics Wyoming.

Information on the Scarves for Special Olympics Project can be found at:

Hot Water Bottle Cover

I grew up in a household that firmly believed in holistic medicine to cure ailments.  So if I was congested or had a sore throat, I would just fill up a hot water bottle and rest.  I still find that it works great, but I no longer have my lamb cover for my hot water bottle.  In an effort to reduce my yarn stash, I figured this would be a quick knit.

I found a pattern on the Knit Picks website

For this pattern, I used a yarn that I (think) picked up at Walmart, although I know I have seen it at Michaels.  It’s called Simply Soft Eco by Carron.  The cool thing about this yarn is that it is made from recycled plastic bottles.

This picture is a little dark.  There were 2 seed stitch options.  I decided to use the twisted seed stitch, which gave it a pretty texture:

The pattern called for an i-cord string to close the cover, but I had some extra ribbon, so I just used that instead

This pattern didn’t take long to knit up…I would work on it while I watched Downton Abbey, Season 2!

The Jayne Cobb Hat

A friend of mine asked me to knit a Jayne Cobb Hat.  For those of you unfamiliar with Jayne Cobb (as was I), it is a character from the tv show Firefly.  I found a pattern on the blog Knitting Ninja (which is an awesome name for a blog).

A trip to Michaels was disappointing.  The pattern called for colors that I would normally not choose for a hat, and it appears most people don’t use, because I had to go on-line to find the right shades.  I ended up using Knit Picks Swish Superwash yarn in Allspice and Tumeric, and Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Orange.  I knit a double strand of the yarn.  1 ball of each was enough to make 1 hat (with leftovers, which I suggest using up (if you can) in the pom pom because I have no idea what I’m going to do with these colors!

Finished hat:

The hat knit up fairly quickly because it was a double strand.  My friend loved it!

Hello world!

Welcome to “Always A Classy Lady,” a blog about crafting and ramblings about life.  I plan to blog about knitting, sewing, crafting in general, makeup and beauty projects, and random projects that I take on (like a lamp that I plan to completely change from its blah existence to complete classiness).

I could list my resume, but that would really be no fun.  So, like any project, lets just dive in and hope for the best result!