September Birch Box

I need to get better at posting these the month I receive them!  Here is my September Birch Box:

My box contained:

– Kate Spade New York Twirl sampler

– Twistband hair tie

– Tili small bag

– WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit: Clean and Ideal Skin

– 21 drops Aromatherapy Blends in Focus

– Birchbox and Color Club Custom Collection Nailpolish in Status Update

I think my favorite part of the box was the Twistband hair tie.  I had heard about them before, but wasn’t about to spend $18 for 12, so it was nice to have one to try.  I love them!  But I still didn’t want to spend $18, so a quick pinterest search brought me to Lil Blue Boo who had a tutorial on making them!  For $6, I got 10 yards of brown fold over elastic (FOE), and made a bunch of work-appropriate colored Twistband knock-offs.  Now I think I know what I will be giving out for Christmas!

The perfume sample was ok.  Honestly, I’m tired of perfume samples – I have way too many perfumes already, and my new motto is that I can’t buy a new one until I use up one!  The Tili bag was pretty, but I found it useless because I carry my makeup around in make up bags.  I’m still on the fence about the 21 drops Aromatherapy Blend.  It smells nice, but it doesn’t last very long.  I do think it will be good for when I’m studying for the Florida Bar, because I will definitely be needing help focusing on studying for 2 1/2 months straight!

The nail polish is ok.  I’m not ready to give up my bright summer nail polish (and since I live in Florida, I don’t have to ever really give it up), but I’ll try it soon.  It’s just very dark.  I have not tried the WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit, mostly because I have an awesome Origins Checks and Balances face wash that I love.  However, I will probably bring it up to Chicago next time I visit.

I’m hoping next month is a better box.  If you want to join Birchbox, click here!


July 2012 Birch Box

I have a new favorite thing.  It’s Birchbox, and it’s like a little box of fun every month.  This was the first month I’ve subscribed to it.  After I received the e-mail that it had shipped, this was me:

I also googled every day to see what others had received.  I’m not going to do that again – it would be more fun as just a surprise!  When my box finally arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas.

My little box of fun included bronzer from Ada Cosmetics, Hello perfume by Harvey Prince, lip enhancer from Jouer, a lip stain by theBalm cosmetics, an uber granola bar by Larabar, and earbuds.

I’m not a huge fan of the bronzer, because it sparkles a little too much for everyday.  The lip enhancer is nice, but I think the lip stain doesn’t stay long.  The granola bar was delicious (note to self: pick some up from Target!), and the earbuds were just a nice surprise (because who doesn’t need more earbuds?).  My absolute favorite part of the box was the perfume, which I ended up buying the next day because it smells so wonderful.  It’s a playful, yet sophisticated scent.

After giving one month a trial, I think I’m going to upgrade to a full year.  The Birchbox was such a fun little surprise, and at $10/month, it is an affordable fun surprise – one that I think I will be giving as gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

Join now to get your little surprise box every month by clicking here!